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SIOR Foundation Thanks

The SIOR Foundation Thanks Its Supporters

The SIOR Foundation Board of Trustees expresses appreciation for the generosity  of the following individuals and organizations' cumulative annual fund gifts, in-kind gifts, Capital Campaign gifts, the Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR, Memorial Fund and the David T. Houston, Jr. SIOR Scholarship Fund gifts for the fiscal year September 1, 2014- August 31, 2015    
Cumulative totals are as of August 31, 2015.

Your gifts allow the Foundation to carry on the mission to promote and support initiatives that expand, educate, and enhance the commercial real estate community.

Capital Campaign Donors

Legacy Society
Thank you to these who have notified SIOR Foundation that they have named the Foundation as a beneficiary in a Will, IRA, Insurance Policy, Charitable Remainder Trust, or any of the many types of planned gifts available.

Tom H. Lang, SIOR Retired
Monte Matz, SIOR
Randall Walker, SIOR
Daniel F. Wilkinson, SIOR, CRE, FRICS
Charles W. Witters, SIOR

Leader ($100,000-249,999)
Peter O. Hanson, SIOR, CIPS

Pacesetter ($50,000-99,999)
Herbert L. Krumsick, SIOR, CCIM, CRE, FRICS

Visionary ($25,000-49,999)
Colliers Bennett & Kahnweiler, In Honor of Lynn E. Reich, SIOR, CCIM Geoffrey E. Kreusser, SIOR, FRICS
Tom H. Lang, SIOR Retired
Michael L. Spears, SIOR
David J. Zimmer, SIOR, FRICS

Futurist ($10,000-24,999)
Robert J. Fena, SIOR
David A. Prior, SIOR  

Champion ($5,000-9,999)
J. Leonard Caldeira, SIOR*
Michael R. Capobianco, SIOR
H. Allen Gump, SIOR
Raymond J. Kisor, SIOR
David C. Lockwood, SIOR, CCIM
P.K. Phil Nanavati, SIOR
Rodger P. Nordblom, SIOR Retired, CRE*
Michael W. Ohmes, SIOR, CCIM
Grant J. Tidemann, SIOR, CRE
Angela L. West, SIOR, MCR

Challenger ($2,500+)
Joseph V. Barna, SIOR
David B. Douglas, SIOR, CCIM
Peter S. Fennelly, SIOR, MCR
Jeffrey H. Gage, SIOR, CCIM, MRICS
Kevin C. Geenty, SIOR
Craig S. Meyer, SIOR, FRICS
Robert H. Nuttall, Jr., SIOR, CPM
William P. O’Brien, SIOR
Laurence J. Taylor, Jr.
Jean P. Wirsching

Guardian ($1,000+)
John T. Barker, Jr. SIOR
Mark A. Bentley, SIOR
R. Conrad Bernard, SIOR
William A. Burgess, SIOR, CCIM
James H. Coridan, SIOR
Pete Davisson, SIOR, CCIM
Kelvin R. Heck, SIOR, CCIM
Mike Hillis, SIOR, CCIM
Fritz A. Kauffman, SIOR
Ross C. Miller, SIOR
Thomas O. Pearson, SIOR
Lynn Reich, SIOR, CCIM
Vicente A. Rios, SIOR, CCIM, CIPS
Robert J. Staniforth, SIOR
Chris G. Teesdale, SIOR
J. Peter Whatmore, SIOR

Sustainer ($500+)
James L. McDonald, SIOR, BCCR
David B. Douglas, SIOR, CCIM
Stewart D. Randall Jr., SIOR

Supporter (Up to $499)
John W. Dohm, SIOR, CCIM, CFP
Bill Ginder, SIOR, CCIM
Paul B. Kluck, SIOR, RPA

William H. Rodewald, Jr. SIOR

Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR, Memorial Fund Donors  To support and honor women in commercial real estate

Leader ($100,000-249,999)
Peter O. Hanson, SIOR, CIPS

Visionary ($25,000-49,999)
John H. Aldrich, SIOR
Colliers Bennett & Kahnweiler, In Honor of Lynn E. Reich, SIOR, CCIM
Thomas E. McCormick, III, SIOR, FRICS
Tom H. Lang, SIOR Retired
The Podolsky Family Foundation: Steve, Randy and Milt Podolsky
Lynn E. Reich, SIOR, CCIM

Futurist ($10,000-24,999)
Donald M. Ossey, SIOR
SIOR New Jersey Chapter
Daniel E. Smith, SIOR Retired

Champion ($5,000-9,999)
Charles Klatskin, SIOR
Rodger P. Nordblom, SIOR Retired, CRE*
Lynn B. Schenck, SIOR
Daniel F. Wilkinson, CRE, SIOR, FRICS

Challenger ($2,500-4,999)
Phillip M. Breidenbach, SIOR, In Honor of Thomas E. McCormick III, SIOR, FRICS
David C. Lockwood, CCIM, SIOR
Kenneth D. Lundberg, SIOR
NAI Cares Foundation
Randall Walker, SIOR

Guardian ($1,000-2,499)
Stephen C. Asbury, SIOR
Peter W. Baldwin, SIOR Retired
Helen Brooks, SIOR Retired, In Honor of Evelyne Andretta, SIOR Retired
William C. Hanson, SIOR
Paul R. Lehrer, SIOR Retired,
In Honor of Evelyne Andretta, SIOR Retired and
        Nimrod Frazer, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce
W. Joshua Levering, SIOR
Douglas H. May, SIOR
Stephen J. Nardi, SIOR
Scott K. Perkins, SIOR, CCIM
Stephen Siegel, SIOR
Andrew R. Somple, SIOR
Laurence J. Taylor, Jr.
Venture One Real Estate, LLC
Michael G. Walters, SIOR
Nestor R. Weigand, Jr. SIOR, CCIM, CIPS, CRB, CRE, FRICS

Sustainer ($500-999)
John H. Adams, SIOR*
Kamel S. Bahary, SIOR
L. Robert Boyd, SIOR
Robert M. Brasler, SIOR Retired
Michael R. Capobianco, SIOR
Colliers Houston & Co.
Fred N. Coulson, III SIOR Retired
Kenneth F. Crimmins, SIOR, CCIM
Jeffrey W. DeMagistris, SIOR
James L. Dieter, SIOR
William D. Feldman
Sidney E. Gable, SIOR Retired, CRE
Jeffrey H. Gage, SIOR, CCIM, MRICS
Geoffrey E. Kreusser, SIOR, FRICS
Peter B. Krombach, SIOR
P.K. Phil Nanavati, SIOR
Cyndie O'Bryon, SIOR
Mike Ohmes, SIOR, CCIM
PICOR Commercial Real Estate Services
Irvin G. Rios, SIOR
Jeanne Rogers, SIOR, CCIM
SIOR Oregon Chapter
Joyce M. Slone, SIOR, CCIM
Diana Lee Tucker, CAE
Thomas Vetter, SIOR
Angela L. West, SIOR, MCR
Elaine Worzala, Clemson University

Supporter ($100-499)
Thomas W. Adler, SIOR Retired
Elizabeth C. Belenchia, SIOR, CCIM, RICS
Jan Berg, SIOR, CCIM
Albert R. Bullier, Jr. SIOR Retired
Leon Casper, SIOR Retired
Gail M. Crowder, SIOR
Stephen Elman, SIOR
Kevin C. Geenty, SIOR
Bill Ginder, SIOR, CCIM
John F. Girsch, SIOR, CCIM
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Glanville, SIOR, CRE
David W. Goodrich, SIOR Retired
Amy L. Hawley, SIOR
Richard E. Hollander, SIOR, FRICS
Soozi Jones Walker, SIOR, CCIM
Katherine Kane, SIOR, CCIM
Maribel W. Koella, SIOR, CCIM
Steven Kornspun, SIOR
David N. Lebenstein, SIOR
Lester E. Lehman, Jr. SIOR Retired
Roy G. Lucas, SIOR
Thomas J. McCaffrey, SIOR
Fred A. Meyer, SIOR
Heidi A. Mickelson, SIOR, CCIM
Deborah A. Mickler, SIOR, CCIM, CPM, RPA
J. Ben Miller, SIOR Retired
Patricia A. Nooney, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Helga Palm, SIOR Retired
Franklin Paulson
Sally and Edward Saig, SIOR, CRE
Dolores S. Seymour, SIOR, CCIM, MCR
Jeffries Shein, SIOR Retired, CPM
Stanley Simon, SIOR Retired
Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS®
Jeffrey M. Sperry, SIOR, CRE
Brent A. Weitnauer, SIOR
Katherine Williams Kane, SIOR, CCIM
Linda A. Wilson

Friend (Up to $99)
Virginia Antevil
Sheldon A. Gross, SIOR, CRE
H. Allen Gump, SIOR, CCIM
Harrell S. Hayden, SIOR Retired
J. Allen Riorda, SIOR
Seena Stein, SIOR
Clarence M. Turley, Jr. CCIM


David T. Houston, Jr. SIOR, Scholarship Fund Donors 

Futurist ($10,000-24,999)
Peter O. Hanson, SIOR, CIPS
Charles Klatskin, SIOR
SIOR New Jersey Chapter

Champion ($5,000-9,999)
Cassidy Turley
Kushner Real Estate Group, Inc.
ociety of Industrial and Office REALTORS®

Challenger ($2,500-4,999)
Sally and Kevin Crowley, SIOR
David A. Drummond, SIOR
Federal Business Centers
Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc.
Houston Family Foundation
The Industrial & Office Real Estate Brokers Association
Norman Khoury, SIOR, CCIM
Mack-Cali Realty Corporation
McCarter & English, LLP
National Association of REALTORS®

Guardian ($1,000-2,499)
Brandywine Realty Trust
Milton H. Charbonneau, SIOR, CCIM
Thomas P. Consiglio, SIOR
Kenneth F. Crimmins, SIOR, CCIM
Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP
ICREW New Jersey
Integra Realty Resources Northern NJ
J.G. Petrucci Co., Inc.
Peter R. Kellogg
Seryl and Charles Kushner Family Foundation
Mandelbaum Foundation
Thomas E. McCormick, III SIOR, FRICS
Barry P. Mertz, SIOR
Craig S. Meyer, SIOR, FRICS
The Morris Companies
P. K. Phil Nanavati, SIOR
Realty Services Group, Inc
Lynn E. Reich, SIOR, CCIM
Laurence J. Taylor, Jr.
Thomas Tucci
The Linda and Randall Walker Family Foundation
Shane E. Woloshan, SIOR
David J. Zimmer, SIOR, FRICS 

Sustainer ($500-999)
Colliers International
David W. Goodrich, SIOR Retired
H. Allen Gump, SIOR, CCIM
Richard E. Hollander, SIOR, FRICS
John H. Illengwarth, SIOR
Jos. L. Muscarelle, Inc.
Geoffrey E. Kreusser, SIOR, FRICS
Peter B. Krombach, SIOR
Diana Lee Tucker, CAE
Kenneth D. Lundberg, SIOR
Douglas H. May, SIOR
Murray Construction Co.
The Podolsky Family Foundation: Steve, Randy and Milt Podolsky
Russo Development
Mark D. Siegler, SIOR
David A. Simon, SIOR
SIOR Foundation
Weny Pat LLC
Maureen D. Wilson, SIOR, CCIM  

Supporter ($100-499)
Advance Realty Foundation
Alfred Sanzari Enterprises
Joseph V. Barna, SIOR
Bergman Real Estate Group
Blau & Berg Co.
Bussel Realty Corp.
Guy P. Cipriano
Robert Cronheim
Stanley Danzig, SIOR
Thomas D. Davis, SIOR
Pete Davisson, SIOR, CCIM
Daniel J. Doherty, SIOR
Edward J. Dudzinski, SIOR, CCIM
Michael J. Falgoust, SIOR
Robert J. Fena, SIOR
Caroline H. Fenderson
Sydney E. Gable, SIOR Retired
Jeffrey H. Gage, SIOR, CCIM, MRICS
Kevin C. Geenty, SIOR
Kristin T. Geenty, SIOR
Sheldon A. Gross, SIOR, CRE
Ian M. Grusd, SIOR, CCIM
Richard Heilmann, SIOR
Lane A. Holbert SIOR, CCIM
Geoffrey M. Kasselman, SIOR, LEED AP
Mitchell Katz, SIOR
Stan Kurzweil, SIOR
Jesse A. Laikin, SIOR
Edwin C. Lampitt, SIOR, CCIM
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services
Patricia J. Loveall, SIOR
Roy G. Lucas, SIOR
Ronald M. Mahr, SIOR
James M. Merkel, SIOR, CCIM
Fred A. Meyer, SIOR
Morris Realty
NAIOP New Jersey Chapter
Thomas F. O'Brien, SIOR
George Paras
Scott D. Peck, SIOR
PICOR Commercial Real Estate Services / Cushman & Wakefield Alliance
Laura and Si Pitstick, SIOR, CCIM
Real Estate Strategies Corporation
John A. Sabourin, SIOR, CCIM
Warren Searles and Stephanie Valeiko
Jeff Sholian, SIOR
John L. Schultz Jr., SIOR
SIOR North Texas Chapter
Richard P. Sleasman, SIOR
Joyce M. Slone, SIOR, CCIM
Andrew R. Somple, SIOR
Vision Equities, LLC
William R. Waxman, SIOR and Mindy Lissner
Howard Weinberg, SIOR
Daniel F. Wilkinson, SIOR, CRE, FRICS
Charles W. Witters, SIOR
Woodmont Properties

Friend (Up to $99)
Anne S. Babineau
Nadine Evans
Edwin C. Lampitt, SIOR, CCIM
Joy S. Nearpass
Thomas F. O'Brien, SIOR
Douglas R. Sayer, SIOR
Seena Stein, SIOR
Robert B. Steinhart, SIOR
Alfred J. Zacher, SIOR Retired
Steven K. Zacher, SIOR, CCIM

In-Kind Donors

Golden Cruise and Travel
HBP Printing
Tom Louer, SIOR
R. Scott Martin, SIOR
SIOR-New Jersey Chapter
SIOR-Oregon Chapter

Annual Fund Donors



Century Club ($10,000+)
Peter O. Hanson, SIOR, CIPS

Golden Club ($5,000+)
NAI Global

Capital Club ($2,500-$4,999)
Linda Hanson
Robert G. Thornburgh, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Jonathan Tratt

Trustees Club ($1,000-$2,499)
ARCO Construction
John T. Barker, Jr. SIOR
Joseph V. Barna, SIOR
Aaron J. Barnard, SIOR, CCIM
Douglas L. Bean, SIOR CPM
R. Conrad Bernard, SIOR
Frank G. Binswanger, Jr. SIOR
Garry N. Bobke, SIOR, CCIM
Leslie R. Boudwin, SIOR
J. Michael Boyd, SIOR, CRE
Michael R. Capobianco, SIOR
Phillip Carpenter, SIOR, CCIM
Barry J. Cohorsky, SIOR
H. Bland Cromwell, SIOR, CCIM
Kevin J. Crowley, SIOR
Christopher W. Curtis, SIOR
David A. Drummond, SIOR
Mark J. Duclos, SIOR
Keith K. Edwards, SIOR, CCIM
Peter S. Fennelly, SIOR, MCR
Jeffrey H. Gage, SIOR, CCIM, MRICS
Bill Ginder, SIOR, CCIM
Jim Grusecki
Thomas D. Grusecki
Allen Gump, SIOR, CCIM
Alfredo L. Gutierrez
David B. Hagan, SIOR, CCIM
Michael S. Hammond, SIOR, CRE
Jon F. Hanson 
Willaim B. Hare, Jr. SIOR
Frank H. Hird, SIOR
Jeff K. Johnson, SIOR, CCIM
Geoffrey M. Kasselman, SIOR, Leed AP
Norman Khoury, SIOR, CCIM
William E. King, SIOR
Chris Kirk, SIOR
Charles Klatskin, SIOR
Stan Kleweno
Peter B. Krombach, SIOR
W. Joshua Levering, SIOR
Tom Louer, SIOR
Patricia J. Loveall, SIOR
Michael W. Luecht
Kenneth D. Lundberg, SIOR
Luther King Capital Management
R. Scott Martin, SIOR
Douglas H. May, SIOR
Maune Development
Randall G. McCombs, SIOR
Tom McCormick, III SIOR, FRICS
Albert M. McNeel, SIOR
Robert W. Merrick, SIOR, CCIM, CRE
William H. Mizener, SIOR
Phil Nanavati, SIOR
NAI James E. Hanson
Phil Nanavati, SIOR
William P. O'Brien, SIOR
Mike Ohmes, SIOR, CCIM
Matthew R. Olson, SIOR, CCIM
Robert Percival, SIOR, CPM
Scott K. Perkins, SIOR, CCIM
David A. Prior, SIOR
Stewart D. Randall, Jr. SIOR
Jill K. Rasmussen, SIOR, CCIM
Lynn E. Reich, SIOR, CCIM
John R. Robbins, SIOR, FRICS
Rockefeller Group International
Patrick J. Sentner, SIOR
Stephen Siegel, SIOR
Gabriel M. Silverstein, SIOR
SIOR Central Canada Chapter
SIOR Chicago Chapter
SIOR Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter
SIOR Inland Empire/Orange County Chapter
SIOR Minnesota Chapter
SIOR New England Chapter
SIOR Ohio Chapter
SIOR Philadelphia Chapter
SIOR St. Louis Chapter
Richard P. Sleasman, SIOR
Terry E. Smith, SIOR, CCIM
Andrew R. Somple, SIOR
Michael L. Spears, SIOR
Roy L. Splansky, SIOR
Robert J. Staniforth, SIOR
Bradley J. Tidemann, SIOR
Grant J. Tidemann, SIOR, CRE
A. Carl Tiedemann, SIOR, CPM, CRE
Jonathan Tratt
John A. Van Buskirk, SIOR
Randall Walker, SIOR
MIchael G. Walters, SIOR
Nestor R. Weigand, Jr. SIOR, CCIM, CIPS, CRB, CRE, FRICS
J. Peter Whatmore, SIOR
Charles W. Witters, SIOR
Shane E. Woloshan, SIOR



Sustainer ($500-$999)
Thomas W. Adler, SIOR Retired
Walt Arrington, SIOR
Kevin M Beaudry, SIOR, CCIM
Douglas Brockhouse, SIOR
J. Leonard Caldeira*
Colliers AZ Cares
Mary Clare Codd, SIOR
William G. Cook, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Jeffrey W. DeMagistris, SIOR
Robert J. Dikman, SIOR, ALC, CCIM, CRB
Kevin C. Geenty, SIOR Retired
Kristin Geenty, SIOR
Jonathan J. Gelman, SIOR
Stephen J. Haupt, SIOR
Richard E. Hollander, SIOR, FRICS
R. Wesley Jensen, CSM
Barbara E. Johnson, SIOR, CCIM
D. Sheldon Johnson III, SIOR, CCIM
Gerard J. Keating, SIOR, CCIM
Jeffrey S. Kernochan, SIOR
Ronald L. King, SIOR
Theodore R. Konigsberg, SIOR
Geoffrey E. Kruesser, SIOR, FRICS
Robert T. Martensen, SIOR, CCIM
Kevin L. McKenna, SIOR
James A. McShane
Mark D. Miller, SIOR
John Morrissey, SIOR
Robert H. Nuttal, Jr. SIOR, CPM
John F. O'Donoghue, SIOR
Oltmans Construction
Robert S. Parsley, SIOR
James B. Planey, SIOR
Steven H. Podolsky, SIOR
Grady C. Pridgen, III SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Brian Randolph
Patrick C. Remolacio, SIOR, CCIM
Jack H. Rothschild, SIOR
Charles W. Salley, SIOR
David L. Schiller, SIOR
Roger Shepley
Paul A. Sieczkowski, SIOR
SIOR Arizona Chapter
SIOR DFW/North Texas Chapter
SIOR Greater Los Angeles Chapter
SIOR Indiana/Kentucky
SIOR New Jersey Chapter
SIOR NYC/Upstate New York Chapter
SIOR Oregon Chapter
SIOR Western Pennsylvania Chapter

Daniel E. Smith, SIOR Retired
Mark J. Smith, SIOR
Michael P Spears, SIOR, CCIM
Thomas B. Stahl, SIOR
A. Lloyd Thomas, SIOR, ALC, CCIM, CRE
John R. Thompson, SIOR
Thomas W. Turner, SIOR
Thomas Vetter, SIOR
Daniel F. Wilkinson, SIOR, CRE, FRICS
Andrew E. Wright, SIOR
David J. Zimmer, SIOR, FRICS
Hugh J. Zimmer, SIOR Retired
Kristen L. Zueger, SIOR


Sustainer ($250-$499)
9720-8106 Quebec
John M. Adams, III SIOR, CCIM
Nathan Anderson, SIOR, CCIM
Gregory R. Andretta, SIOR
Stanley H. Armstrong, SIOR, ALC, CCIM, CIPS, MRICS
Zachary T. Ashton, SIOR
Samuel C. Badger, Jr. SIOR
William C. Barden, SIOR, CCIM
Doug Barnett, SIOR, CCIM
James A. Barse, SIOR, CCIM
John D. Battle, SIOR
Grover E. Bauer, SIOR, CCIM
Harvey L. Beesen, SIOR
Daniel J. Benassi, SIOR
P. Randall Bentley, SIOR, CCIM
David Bercu, SIOR
Mark M. Blaugrund, SIOR
David E. Blois, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
James F. Boudrot, SIOR, CCIM
James Bowles, SIOR
Colin C. Brown, SIOR
William A. Burgess, SIOR, CCIM
Fred A. Caldwell, CCIM
Robert A. Caldwell, SIOR
Simon H. Caplan, SIOR
Michael E. Carlson, SIOR, CCIM
CHarles S. Carmody, SIOR, CCIM
Richard H. Chamberlain, SIOR
L. Brett Chambless, SIOR
Teddy Chapman, SIOR
George C. Charbonneau, SIOR Retired
Brad C. Cherry, SIOR, CCIM
John T. Cognetti, SIOR, CCIM
Carl J. Conceller, SIOR
Patrick D. Connor, SIOR
Winfield L. Cooper, III SIOR, CCIM, RAM
Matthew G. Cravey, SIOR, CCIM, RECS
Jason M. Crimmins, SIOR, CCIM
Kenneth F. Crimmins, SIOR, CCIM
Sonny Culp, SIOR
James J. Damiani, SIOR, CCIM
Terry W. Darrow, SIOR
John R. DeGrinis, SIOR
Greg M. Dickerson, SIOR
Salvatore "Sam" DiFranco, SIOR, CCIM, CEA
Stephen E. DiLucca, SIOR
Matthew C. D'Orsay, SIOR
James S. Dowling, SIOR
Sonja M. Dusil, SIOR
Timothy A. Echemann, SIOR, CCIM
willaim D. Elliott, SIOR
Thomas J. Erman, SIOR
Troy A. Fawcett, SIOR, CCIM
Patrick J. Feeney Jr., SIOR
John Ferruzzo, SIOR
John E. Fettig, SIOR
John S. Filli, SIOR
James J. Finn, III, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Michael Flynn, SIOR, CCIM
Jack C. Fraker, SIOR
Nimrod T. Frazer Jr., SIOR
Trey M. Fricke, SIOR
Robert S. Galamba, SIOR, CCIM
Michael J. Giuttari, SIOR
William M. Gladstone, SIOR, CCIM
Gary R. Glotzhober, SIOR, CCIM
Cary Goldman
William V. Gonnering, SIOR, CCIM
Mark B. Goode, SIOR
Gilbert P. Gordon, SIOR
Gary B. Guenther, SIOR
H. Paul Hartley Jr., SIOR
Timothy N. Hawke, SIOR
William H. Hawkins, SIOR
Dennis J. Hennessy, SIOR
A. Scott Hensley, SIOR, CCIM
Greg L. Herbert, SIOR, CCIM
Randall C. Hertel
David R. Hoffberg, SIOR
Lane A. Holbert, SIOR, CCIM
Michelle Hudson, SIOR, CCIM
John H. Illengwarth, SIOR Retired
Lawrence K. Jensen, SIOR
Erick Johnson, SIOR, CCIM
Terry L. Johnson, SIOR, CCIM
Jose I. Juncadella, SIOR
Lee S. Katsikos, SR. SIOR
Timothy Kilkelly, SIOR
Paul B. Kluck, SIOR, RPA
James H. Koenig, SIOR
Mark W. Kolsrud, SIOR, CPM
Jerry R. Krusinski
Randy L. Lacey, SIOR
Paul LaFave, SIOR, CPM
Paul T. Land, SIOR
Penny J. Levy
Jeffrey S. Lyon, SIOR, CCIM
Doug K. MacKay, SIOR, CCIM, CET
Ronald M. Mahr, SIOR Retired
Donald J. Mancini, SIOR, CCIM
Kenneth J. Marciniak, SIOR
Del C. Markward, SIOR
Peter L. Mason, SIOR, FRI, PLE
Robert D. Mathews, SIOR
Thomas M. McCarthy, SIOR
Ginger McCully
James L. McDonald, SIOR, BCCR
Patrick J. McGannon, SIOR
Matt McGregor, SIOR
Richard J. Medinis, SIOR
Todd P. Mendon, SIOR
Edwin A. Meserve, SIOR Reserved
Ross C. Miller, SIOR
Charles L. Moore, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Donald L. Moss Jr., SIOR, CCIM
Doug R. Murray, SIOR
Craig E. Myles, SIOR, CPM, LEED AP
Raymond J. Neary, SIOR, CCIM
Rives R. Nolen
Konrad A. Olson, SIOR, CCIM
Lester E. Osborn, SIOR, CCIM
Thomas R. Pajolek, SIOR
Brooks Pedder, SIOR
Peter C. Pittroff, SIOR
H. Merrill Plaisted, III SIOR Retired
Clifford B. Porter, SIOR, CCIM
Richard W. Porter, SIOR, CCIM
Robert E. Porter Jr., SIOR, CCIM
Stephen Press, SIOR
David J. Prioletti, SIOR
Hank Pruitt, SIOR, CCIM
David K. Randolph, SIOR
Richard A. Ringer
J. Allen Riorda, SIOR
Vicente A. Rios, SIOR, CCIM
Ray A. Robinson, SIOR
Jeffrey N. Ruscigno, SIOR
Moses L. Salcido, SIOR
Michael J. Salmen, SIOR
Arie Salomon, SIOR, CCIM
Sampson Morris Group
Aileen Sandstedt, SIOR
Steven M. Schaub, SIOR
Erich W. Schultz, SIOR
Scott P. Sealy, SIOR
SIOR San Antonio/South Texas Chapter
SIOR Upstate New York Chapter
Stephen B. Smith, SIOR
Sue Smith, SIOR
Jeffrey M. Sperry, SIOR, CRE
Richard C. Stanland Jr., SIOR Retired, CCIM
David M. Stokes, SIOR
Tim Strange, SIOR, CCIM
Robert L. Sult, Jr. CCIM
James H. Swartchild Jr., SIOR
Larry E. Teel, SIOR
Feliz G. Tejada, SIOR
Joseph Trinkle, SIOR
VanTrust Real Estate
Steve A. Vesuwalla, SIOR
Michael M. Waldvogel, SIOR, CCIM
Mike Warner, SIOR, CCIM
Terry S. Warth, SIOR
Charles Weill, SIOR Retired, CRE
Angela L. West, SIOR, MCR
Gary S. Wilson, SIOR
Stanley J. Wisinski, SIOR, CCIM
Matt Wood, SIOR
A. W. Zimmer, SIOR Retired

Supporter ($100-$249)
Richard D. Abraham, SIOR, CCIM
Joseph A. Adame, SIOR, CCIM, CRE
Van H. Akin, SIOR, CCIM
Joe A. Almeida, SIOR
Michael R. Alpern, SIOR
Stuart Alpert
Robert S. An, SIOR
Kenneth S. Andersen, SIOR, CCIM
Andi O. Anderson, SIOR
Matt Arnovitz
Mario Asaro, SIOR
Kenneth R. Ashley, SIOR, CCIM, MCR
W. Turner Askew, SIOR
Wayne F. Asmus, SIOR
Drew Augustin, SIOR, CCIM
Kamel S. Bahary, SIOR Retired
Philip C. Baker
Floyd H. Baldwin, SIOR
Hal C. Ball, SIOR
Brian W. Ball, SIOR, CCIM
Christopher D. Ball, SIOR, CCIM
Edward R. Bane, SIOR
Wayne Barber, Jr. SIOR
John T. Barker, Sr. SIOR, CRE
Terry L. Barnes
Walker B. Barnett, SIOR
Scott A. Bazoian, SIOR, CCIM
Max Becker, Jr. SIOR Retired
Ronald J. Behm, SIOR
O. Karl Behrens, SIOR, CCIM
Charles R. Belden, SIOR
Elizabeth C. Belenchia, SIOR, CCIM, RICS
Robert K. Bell, SIOR, CCIM
Steven J. Bellitti, SIOR
Michael S. Bender, SIOR, CCIM
Ralph Benzakein, SIOR, LEED AP
Steven H. Berger, SIOR
Robert T. Berry, SIOR
Colleen Kuebel Berthelot, SIOR, CCIM
Robert L. Besecker, Jr.
Robert M. Biggar, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Keith J. Bilski, SIOR, CCIM
John Bilyak, SIOR, CCIM
James F. Biondi, SIOR
John R. Bitzer, SIOR, SIOR Retired
Charles J. Black, SIOR
Robert P. Blackmore, Jr. SIOR
Alec R. Blackwell, SIOR
Thomas M. Blunk
William R.A. Boben, SIOR, CCIM
Chad G Boddez, SIOR, CCIM
Alan A. Bolduc, SIOR, CCIM
Ford H. Borders, SIOR
Richard J. Borsini, SIOR Retired
George O. Bowles, Jr. SIOR
John M. Bowman, SIOR
Robert A. Boylan, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
William Bo Bradford, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Mark L. Bradley, SIOR, CCIM
J. Patrick Brakefield, SIOR
Robert K. Brehmer, SIOR, CCIM
Goran Brelih, SIOR
Michael Brennan
Dennis D. Breske, SIOR, CCIM
Paul F. Breuer, SIOR
Alan D. Bridges
Timothy Brodigan, SIOR
William R. Bronson, Jr. SIOR
Jeffrey R. Brooks, SIOR
Arlon I. Brown, SIOR
Cindy Brown
David S. Brown, SIOR, CCIM
Walter Brown, SIOR
Will C. Brown, SIOR
Tyne Brownlow, CCIM
William J. Bucceri, SIOR, CCIM
Gordon K. Buchan, SIOR, CCIM
David A. Buckner, SIOR
Heath D. Bullock, SIOR, CCIM
William G. Bullock, Jr. SIOR
Buncher Company
Brian W. Burks, SIOR, CCIM
Robert H. Burns, SIOR, CCIM
William E. Burroughs, SIOR
Thomas W. Burton, SIOR
William J. Byrd, SIOR, CCIM, RPA
Marc A. Cacciarelli, SIOR
Thomas D. Cafferty, SIOR, CRE
Kevin M. Cain, SIOR
Theodore R. Carlson, SIOR, CCIM
James V. Caronna, SIOR
Sam Carroll, SIOR
James M. Casey
J. Jeffrey Castell, SIOR, CCIM
Christopher S. Caudill, SIOR
Daniel P. Cawley, SIOR
Tyson Chave
Andrew Cheney, SIOR, CCIM
Walt Chenoweth, SIOR
Mark Childs, SIOR
Steven V. Chirhart, SIOR
Fred Christie, SIOR
George J. Cibula, SIOR
Robert B. Cleary, Jr. SIOR
Mark A. Clirehugh, SIOR, CCIM
Garland D. Collett, SIOR
David L.B. Colley, SIOR
Jeffrey H. Collins, SIOR, CCIM
Townsend S. Collins, Jr. SIOR Retired
Carl R Condon, SIOR
Kemp Conrad, SIOR
Daniel W. Cook, SIOR
Lloyd P. Cooper, SIOR, BCL, LLB, MBA, MCR
Greg M. Copps, SIOR
James H. Coridan, SIOR
Jack M. Coury, SIOR
Bradley E. Coven, SIOR
Bruce A. Cowper, SIOR
G.F. Geoff Coyle, III SIOR
Ghlee T. Cozad, III SIOR
Charles S. Craighill, SIOR
John L. Crampsie, Jr. SIOR
Tony Creme
John A. Crisp, SIOR
Timothy E. Cronin, SIOR
Gail M. Crowder, SIOR, MCR
Chris Cuff, SIOR, MCR
Bryce A Custer, SIOR
Richard G. Daly, SIOR
Duffy T. D'Angelo, SIOR
Timothy J. D'Angelo, SIOR
Ted L. Davis, SIOR, CIM
Reid Davis, SIOR
Gregory D. Davis, SIOR, CCIM
Pete Davisson, SIOR, CCIM
Ogden S. Deaton, SIOR
John W. Demaree, SIOR
Mark Demetre, SIOR
Nathan R. Denton, SIOR
Dennis G. DeSantis, SIOR
David F. DeVaney, SIOR, CCIM
C. Bickham Dickson, III SIOR, CCIM
Stephen J. DiGiacomo, SIOR
Michael F. DiScala, SIOR
Sim F. Doughtie, SIOR, CCIM, MCR, SLCR
David B. Douglas, SIOR, CCIM
Mark E. Douglas, SIOR, CCIM, MCR.h, SLCR
R. Scott Douglas, SIOR
Marc H. Doyle, SIOR, CCIM
James A. Dunham, SIOR, CCIM
Michael R. Dunn, SIOR, CCIM
Joseph J Dvorak, Jr. SIOR Retired
Douglas C. Earnhart, SIOR
John C. Earnhart
Paul R. Earnhart, SIOR
Daniel R. Eckles, CCIM
William M. Ehret, SIOR
Scott E. Elliott, SIOR, CCIM
Stephen Elman, SIOR
Larry H. Emmons, SIOR, CCIM
Mary Ems
Paul G. Fagan, SIOR, CCIM
Michael J. Falgoust, SIOR Retired
Michael A. Falk, SIOR, CCIM
Jack Faris, SIOR
Akhtar Farmanali, SIOR
Stephen M. Farrell, SIOR, CCIM
Thomas P. Farrelly, SIOR
Jonathan D. Farris, SIOR, CCIM
J. Terrence Farris, PhD CRE
Jeb Fields, SIOR, CCIM
John S. Filli, SIOR
Iain C.M. Finnegan, SIOR, FSCSI, FRICS
James G. Fitzpatrick, SIOR, MAI
Gary M. Fleener, CCIM
Burt E. Follman, SIOR, CPM
Michael Fonda, SIOR
John P. Fondale, Jr. SIOR
Craig L. Fordyce, SIOR, CCIM
Gordon S. Foster, Jr. SIOR
Thomas G. Fox, SIOR
Sheila T. Francis, SIOR
Scott Fraser, SIOR, CCIM
Jeremy A. Freid, SIOR
David Friedland, SIOR
Frank P. Frizalone, SIOR
J.R. Bud Fulton, SIOR
J. Tracy Fults, SIOR, CCIM
Frank Gallagher, SIOR, CSCMP
C. Kevin Gallagher, SIOR, CCIM
Nolan C. Galloway, III SIOR, MSRE
Pedro J. Garcia, SIOR
Michael P. Garlick, SIOR
Hunter B. Garrett, SIOR, CCIM
Steven D. Garrett, SIOR, LEED AP
Todd P. Garrett, SIOR, CCIM
Steven W. Garza, SIOR, CCIM
Robert G. Gaucher, SIOR, CCIM
Mark W. Gaw, SIOR
John P. Gearen, SIOR
Michael L. Gelfman, SIOR
Lou R. Ginise, SIOR
Robert C. Glaser, SIOR, CCIM
Brian Gleason, SIOR
Brian R. Goetz
Diana C. Golob, SIOR
Linford L. Good, SIOR, CCIM
David J. Goode, SIOR
William S. Goodglick, SIOR
David S. Gorbach, SIOR
Derek W Gould, SIOR
Thomas Govier, SIOR, RICS
Herb Grabell, SIOR
Stephen W. Grable, SIOR
Robert E. Grant, SIOR, CCIM
Donald A. Grant, SIOR, CCIM
Stephan F. Gray, SIOR
Michael Green, SIOR, CCIM, MAI
Michael Grellner, SIOR
John Griffing, SIOR, CRE
Dawn Marie F. Griggs, SIOR
Keith P. Grothaus, SIOR, CCIM
Glenn B. Guenther, SIOR
James (Tripp) P. Guin, III SIOR
Lane F. Guinn, SIOR
Jonathan S. Guion, SIOR
Johnathan D. Gump, SIOR
Mark F. Gustin, SIOR, CCIM
Russell W. Hall, SIOR
Mark J. Halperin, SIOR, CPM
Sydney V. Hamber, SIOR
John M. Hamilton, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
John B. Hans, SIOR
Bartell T. Hardison, SIOR
T. Bruce Harper, SIOR
Jon P. Harrigan, SIOR
Audley C. Harris, SIOR, CCIM
Andy Havel, SIOR, CCIM
Matt Havelock, SIOR, CCIM
Amy L. Hawley, SIOR
J. Anthony Hayden, Sr. SIOR Retired
Peter C. Hayes, SIOR
Dennis J. Hearst, SIOR, CCIM, MCR
Bruce M. Hecht, SIOR
Richard Heilmann, SIOR
Jeff Hein, SIOR
Vanessa A. Herzog, SIOR, CCIM
Craig E. Hill, SIOR
Barry A. Hill, SIOR
Ben M. Hilliker, SIOR
Jonathan Hinds, SIOR
Robert M. Hixson, SIOR
Matthew G. Hobaica, SIOR
Edward M. Hofer, SIOR
Bruce E. Hohenhaus, SIOR
Christopher C. Holder, SIOR
Thomas A. Holland, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Patrick J. Holleran
Charles B. Holloway, Jr. SIOR Retired
Garry R. Holmes, SIOR
Robert L. Horn, Jr. SIOR
A. Dwight Hotchkiss, SIOR
Philip Hulse, SIOR
J. Grice Hunt, III SIOR
David G. Hunt, SIOR, CCIM, MCR
Michael D. Hurd, SIOR
Brian A. Hurtuk, SIOR
E. Thornton Hydinger, Jr. SIOR
Payton Indermuehle, SIOR
Bruce R. Isaac, SIOR, CCIM
Masuo Ishida, SIOR, MBE
Mitchum Jackson, SIOR
Stephen V. Jacquemin, SIOR, CCIM
Jeff Jagosh, SIOR
William S. Janes
Mark Janko, SIOR, CCIM
Thomas C. Jenkins, SIOR, CCIM
Russ D. Jobson, SIOR
Richard C. John, SIOR
Simons R. Johnson, SIOR, MCR, CCIM
Bryan W. Johnson, SIOR
Shawn J. Johnson, SIOR
Craig A. Jones, SIOR
Soozi Jones Walker, SIOR, CCIM
Hobart Joost, Jr. SIOR
Katherine W. Kane, SIOR, CCIM
Scott A. Kappes, SIOR
Peter C. Kast, SIOR, CCIM
James P. Keeley, SIOR
Richard R. Kelly, SIOR
T. Craig Kelly, SIOR
David A. Kelpe, SIOR, CCIM
Jeff Kembel, SIOR
Mike Kemmet, SIOR
Michael A. Kennedy, SIOR
Whitney E. Kerr, Sr. SIOR Retired, CCIM, CRE
Tim M Kerrigan, SIOR, CCIM
C. Marshall Kibler, SIOR, CCIM
James D. Kidder, SIOR
Bill Kiefer, SIOR
Eliot J. Kijewski, SIOR
Mervyn E. Kirshner, SIOR Retired
Bradford L. Kitchen, SIOR
J. Bryant Kittrell, SIOR
James E. Klein, SIOR
James E. Klements, SIOR
Gregory G. Klemmer, SIOR
Matthew Q. Klimisch, SIOR, CCIM
Allen P. Klippel, Jr.
John R. Knight, SIOR Retired
Marvin B. Knopp
Daniel F. Knudson, SIOR
Morris A. Knutsen, SIOR, CSCMP
Michael H. Koehler, SIOR
Maribel W. Koella, SIOR, CCIM, FRICS, CRE
Steven Kornspun, SIOR
Stein Koss, SIOR
Wayne L. Kress, SIOR
Ken P. Kreutzwieser, SIOR
Wm. Bill Kuhns, SIOR
John J. Kuiper, SIOR, CCIM
Reggie Kuipers, SIOR
Keith J. Kumnick, SIOR
Randall M. LaChance, SIOR
Mark T. Lambert, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Edwin C. Lampitt, SIOR, CCIM
Gregory C. Lance, SIOR
Karl J. Landreneau, SIOR, CCIM
Paul F. Langer, SIOR
William A. Langhoff, SIOR, CCIM
Stephen C. Lannert, SIOR, CCIM, GRI
Richard Lanning, SIOR
Connie Larkin, SIOR, CCIM
Linn E. Larsen, SIOR
John N. Lauriello, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Jason Laver, SIOR
Michael P. Lawton, SIOR, CCIM
Daniel P. Leahy, SIOR
David N. Lebenstein, SIOR
Gardner Lee, SIOR, CPM
Matthew G. A. Leguen de Lacroix, SIOR, FRICS
Brian J. Lenahan, SIOR, JD
Daniel S Letter
William W. Lewerenz
Daniel P. Lewis, SIOR, CCIM
Joseph J. Lewis, SIOR
David L. Liebman, SIOR, JD, LEED Green Associate
Brian L. Lightle, SIOR, CCIM
Jeff E. Lindenberger, SIOR
Jon R Lindenberger, SIOR, CCIM
Michael R. Linder, SIOR
Patrick B. Lindley, SIOR
Gary V. Lindsey, SIOR
David G. Little, SIOR Retired
Rick F. Littleton, SIOR, CCIM
Paul P. Locker, SIOR, CCIM
David C. Lockwood, III SIOR, CCIM
Allen Lowe, SIOR
Ramsay A. Lunan, SIOR
Anthony J. Lydon, SIOR, CSCMP
Brian J. Lynch, SIOR
Gary A. Mabray, SIOR
Sally A. Macoicz, SIOR
Scott R. Madsen, SIOR
David H. Maenner, SIOR, CCIM
James W. Maenner, SIOR, CCIM
B. Thomas Mancuso, SIOR
Kerry A. Mannion, SIOR
Michael J. Manzari, SIOR, CCIM
George G. Maragos, SIOR
Douglas R. Marshall, SIOR
Richard F. Marshall, SIOR, SRWA
Hank C. Martin, SIOR, CCIM
Debbie K. Martin-Arnell, SIOR
Thomas W. Martindale, SIOR
Christopher J. Masino, SIOR
Bruce F. Massa, SIOR, CRE
Brian E. Matteoni, SIOR
Randy S. Matusoff, SIOR, CCIM
Terence B. McCaffrey, SIOR
Thomas M. McDermott, SIOR, CCIM
David P. McGahren, SIOR
Thomas R.E. McKenzie, SIOR
Randy K. McMillan, SIOR, CCIM
David N. McNabnay, SIOR, CRB
Charles McNulty, SIOR
David H. Meaden, SIOR
Gerald B. Medinger, SIOR
Neil E. Merin, SIOR, CCIM
Fred B. Miehe, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
James R. Militello, SIOR
Brent C. Miller, SIOR
Clinton A. Miller, SIOR
John Milligan, SIOR
Daniel E. Minnaert, SIOR, CCIM
Maury Mitchell, SIOR
Dennis L Mitchell, SIOR, CCIM
James R. Mokler, SIOR, CCIM
George P. Molloy, SIOR
Chase F. Monroe, SIOR, CCIM
Norman K. Moon, Jr. SIOR, CCIM, CRE
Martin A. Moore, SIOR, CCIM
Hagood S. Morrison, SIOR
Michael P. Morse, SIOR
Nancy M. Morse, SIOR, CCIM
James W. Mosby, SIOR, CCIM
Lawrence R. Much, SIOR
David G. Mudge, SIOR, CCIM
Michael Mullis
Brian A. Mulvaney, SIOR, CCIM
David C. Murray, SIOR, CCIM
Robert B. Murray, Jr. SIOR
Ross H. Murray, SIOR, CCIM
R. C. Myles, SIOR, CCIM
James H. Nadal, SIOR, CCIM
Robert J. Nahigian, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, MCR
Daniel B. Newman
William P. Nice, Jr. AARE, SIOR
William P. Nichols, SIOR
John D. Nicholson, SIOR
Steven T. Nilsson, SIOR, CCIM
Jerry L. Noble, SIOR, CCIM
David M. Noonan, SIOR, CCIM, LEED AP
Chris A. Nordling, SIOR
Frank W. Norvell, SIOR
Karl E. Norwood, SIOR, CCIM, CRE
Alex A. Nottmeier, SIOR, CCIM
Lawrence C. Null, SIOR
Louis W. Nutter, SIOR, CCIM
Michael C. O'Brien, III SIOR
Cyndie W. O'Bryon, SIOR, LEED Green Associate
Edward P. O'Connor, Jr. SIOR
Patrick G. O'Healy, SIOR Retired
Timothy M. O'Leary, SIOR, CCIM
Scott E. Olson, SIOR, AIA, CFM
David P. O'Neill, SIOR, MCR
Daniel J. O'Neill, SIOR
Donald M. Ossey, SIOR
Robert E. Pagani, SIOR
Robert A. Pagano, SIOR
Michael P. Palmer, SIOR
Terrence T. Payne, SIOR
Bradford G. Pech, SIOR
Scott D. Peck, SIOR
Clayton K. Peeples, SIOR
Michael M. Perkins, SIOR, CCIM
John W. Perry, Jr. SIOR, CRE
Chris L. Perry, SIOR
Steven Peters, SIOR
Diane F. Petra, SIOR
Robert F. Pielsticker, SIOR
Thomas P. Pierik, SIOR
Rico A. Pietro, SIOR
Frank Pipgras, SIOR, CCIM
Si Pitstick, SIOR, CCIM
Marco Placencia, SIOR, CCIM
William D. Poe, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
Duane E. Poppe, SIOR, CCIM
Frank G. Potts, SIOR, CCIM
Bryan W. Poynter, SIOR, CCIM
Eugene A Preston
J. Milton Prewitt, SIOR
David B. Quinn, SIOR
James C. Rainer, SIOR, LAI
Hubert A. Rance, SIOR
John R. Ransom, SIOR, CCIM
Eric Rapp, SIOR
Edward J. Redlich, SIOR, CCIM
John B. Reed, SIOR
Mark W. Reiling, SIOR, CRE
Deborah L. Reimer, SIOR, CCIM
David Reinauer, SIOR, CCIM, CPM, CRE
Thomas A. Remley
David J. Remmel, SIOR, PE
Jon R. Reno, SIOR, CCIM
Anthony F. Reser, SIOR
Brian P. Rettig, SIOR
Robert J. Revoir, SIOR
Nate Rexroth
John Richardson, SIOR
Stephen R. Rigl, SIOR, CCIM
Rob Riner
Irvin G. Rios, SIOR Retired
Ronald N. Roberson, SIOR, CCIM
Donald W. Roberts, SIOR, CCIM
Stephane Robillard, SIOR
Robert J. Roe, SIOR
Michael L. Rosendin, SIOR, CCIM
Lance C. Ross, SIOR
Philip Rothenberg, SIOR
S. Brent Royall, SIOR, CCIM
J. Bryan Rudisill, SIOR, CCIM
Sandra Runde, SIOR, CCIM
Michael A. Russell, SIOR
Alexander L. Russo, SIOR
Jean F. Russo, SIOR
John M. Ryden, SIOR, CCIM
Jeff Ryer, SIOR, CCIM
Paul A. Sablock, SIOR
Edward Saig, SIOR, CRE
William D. Saltzman, SIOR, CCIM
Gregory J. Sanchez, SIOR
David R. Sandlin, SIOR
Howard T. Saperston, Jr. SIOR
Henry C. Sawyer
Douglas R. Sayer, SIOR
Gary Joel Schacker, SIOR
Donald W. Schaumberger, SIOR Retired
Lynn B. Schenck, SIOR
Bruce M Schneider
Ronald R. Scholder, SIOR
Dylan K. Schopper, SIOR, CCIM
Thomas M. Schroyer
John L. Schultz, Jr. SIOR
Vernon F. Schultz, SIOR
Frank J.H. Schulz, III SIOR
Michael R. Semler, SIOR
Charles L. Senn, SIOR
Louis A. Serrone, SIOR
Harold G. Shader, SIOR
Lawrence M. Shaw, Jr. SIOR
Darren Shaw, SIOR
John J. Sheahan, Jr. SIOR
Christopher J. Sheehan, SIOR
Jack Shepley, SIOR
Dennis F. Shorrock, SIOR
Gregory J. Shutt, SIOR
Michael J. Siegel, SIOR
Michael K. Silver, SIOR
Angel Silverstein
Stuart O. Skaug, SIOR
Joyce M. Slone, SIOR, CCIM
DeForest W. Smith, SIOR, CCIM
Mike W. Smith
Tyler F. Smith, SIOR, CCIM, CRB
Daniel L. Smolensky, SIOR
Bayard Snowden, SIOR
Stephen M. Soble, SIOR, CCIM
Andrew W. Sowell, SIOR
Van Spear, SIOR, CRE
Powell Spears, SIOR
Mike Spencer, SIOR
Ralph D. Spencer, SIOR Retired, CCIM
John W Speropulos, SIOR, CCIM
James E. Spittler, Jr. SIOR
David C. Squire, SIOR
Mark Stainer
Steve Stansfield, SIOR, CCIM
Lucas G Staubitz, SIOR
Clyde F. Stauff, SIOR
Joseph L. Steffner, SIOR, CCIM, CPM
John S. Steinbuch, SIOR
Robert B. Steinhart, SIOR
Louis C. Stephens, SIOR, CCIM
Andrew D Stetelman, SIOR, GRI
Mark A. Stevens
J. Clay Stober, SIOR
David R. Stover, SIOR
Richard H. Strader
Michael W. Strode, SIOR, CCIM
Dean M. Stuart, SIOR, CCIM
John R. Stump, Jr. SIOR
Joey S. Sugar, SIOR
Douglas Swain
Thomas O. Sweeney, SIOR
Floyd L. Sweeney, SIOR, MCR
Douglas G. Taatjes, SIOR, CCIM
Charles V. Tabone, SIOR
Arthur J. Thoma, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Todd Thoman
J. Rex Thomas, SIOR, CPM
William J. Thompson, SIOR
Robert B. Thornton, SIOR
Steven H. Tick, SIOR
Charles J. Tornetta, SIOR
Thomas P. Tracy, SIOR
William S. Transou
Richard J. Trott, SIOR, CCIM
Diana Lee Tucker, CAE
Roderick S. Tumlin, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Thomas C. Tyer, SIOR
Richard C Urbanczyk, SIOR, LEED GA
Michael L. VanBuskirk, SIOR, CCIM, CRE
Richard V. Vanchina, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Arvin L. Vander Veen, SIOR, RECS
Skip G. Vanderbundt, SIOR
Joseph M Varacallo, SIOR,CCIM
Claudio Vendittelli, SIOR
Michael C. Vernick, SIOR, CCIM
Dan N. Vittone, SIOR
Glen Volk, SIOR
Michael M. Wafer, Sr. SIOR
Daniel R. Wagener, SIOR, CCIM
John P. Ward, SIOR
William M. Wardwell, SIOR
Monty G. Warren, SIOR, CCIM
Ronald B. Washle, SIOR
Patrick J. Welchert, SIOR
Mike Wells, SIOR
Ronald E. Wenzler, SIOR
Kenneth W. Wesson, SIOR, CCIM
Jason M. West, SIOR
Cary Whitehead, SIOR, CCIM
John R. Whitney, SIOR
Kenneth J. Wiesen, SIOR
Gordon Wilkerson, SIOR
Steve Willems, SIOR
David A. Williams, SIOR
David M. Williams, SIOR, CCIM
Jim D. Williams, SIOR, CCIM
Rusty K. Williams, SIOR
Bob Willingham, SIOR
Maureen D. Wilson, SIOR, CCIM
Bruce Wirt, SIOR
Gretchen Witherspoon, SIOR, CCIM
Michael E. Wolfe, SIOR
Michael J. Wolken
Blair V. Wood, SIOR
Hayden W. Wren, III SIOR, CCIM, CPA
Scotland A. Wright, SIOR
Joshua P. Wyss
Michael M. Yamada, SIOR
Ryan M. Zabrowski, SIOR, CCIM
Alfred J. Zacher, SIOR Retired
Steven K. Zacher, SIOR, CCIM
Mark Zorn, SIOR

Friend (up to $99)
Charles Ackerman, SIOR, CCIM
Louis P Archambault
Daniel M. Arnold, SIOR
Coleman B. Aycock, SIOR
Bryan B. Bartlett, SIOR
Michael J. Bennett, SIOR, CCIM
Jan Berg, SIOR, CCIM
Daniel A. Berger, SIOR, CCIM
Peter E. Beugg, SIOR
Devin Blanchard
Stephen W. Bowie, SIOR, CCIM
David Branding, SIOR
Jack J. Britvan, SIOR
Leo Bruso, SIOR, GRI
Gary J. Buentgen, SIOR, CCIM
Les A. Byron, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Gregory H. Cahill, SIOR
Stephen C. Calhoun, SIOR
Ellie S. Callander, SIOR, CCIM
Dion D. Campisi, SIOR
John G. Cerchiai, SIOR
Jeffrey D. Chamberlin, SIOR, CCIM
Jeffrey A. Chasan, SIOR, MBA
John A. Colglazier, Sr. SIOR, CCIM
Brian P. Corrigan
Michael E. Coulter, SIOR, CCIM
David B. Curran, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Clifford H. Dales, SIOR
Christopher Davey, SIOR
Marshall V. Davidson, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Alvin H. Davis, SIOR Retired
Robby Davis, SIOR, CCIM
Jeffrey A. Deitrick, SIOR
Richard R. Delisle, SIOR
Steven D. Dorff
Jeffrey Dreher, SIOR, MBA
Thomas B. Dunham, SIOR
Hilton B. Forcum, SIOR, CCIM
David P. Fugitt, SIOR
Steven H. Gassaway
Jim Gates, SIOR
Louis M. Golden, Jr.
Steven J. Goode, SIOR Retired
Jeff L. Graham, SIOR
Steven L. Guinn, SIOR, CCIM
Charles L. Hankla, SIOR
Jeffrey S. Harris, SIOR
Fred N Hedberg, SIOR, CCIM
Douglas M. Hedrick, SIOR, CCIM
Michael A. Hefner, SIOR
David R. Hexter, SIOR
Al Hildreth, SIOR Retired
James D. Hill, Jr. SIOR, CCIM
Criss Horton, SIOR
Hassan S. Jadali, SIOR, CCIM
John Jensen, SIOR
Lawrence J. Johnson, SIOR
William A Jones, Jr.
Kappa Alpha
Evan S. Koplan
Keith A. Krombach, SIOR
Kurt M. Kunst, SIOR, CCIM
Jeffrey L. LaFavre, SIOR, CCIM, MCR
Barbara LeBrun, SIOR
James A. Linn, SIOR
Mark P. Linsalata, SIOR
John F. Littman, SIOR
Michael K. Lloyd, SIOR
Mark J. Lucas, SIOR
G. Treat Macdonald, SIOR, CCIM
Steven R. Marcusse, SIOR, CCIM
Andy Markham, SIOR
Randolph T. Mason, SIOR, CCIM
Mark Alan Mattison, SIOR, CCIM
Ida M. McMurray, SIOR, CCIM
Michael R. McQuaid, SIOR
James M. Merkel, SIOR Retired, CCIM
Adam J. Metcalfe, SIOR
Andrew B. Morris, Sr. SIOR
Michael D Nelson, SIOR
Richard R. Nelson
Ben E. Newell
Tim O'Brien
Ray Oczak, SIOR, CCIM
Louis V. Oliva, SIOR, CCIM
James R. O'Neill, SIOR Retired
Cory Parish, SIOR, MCR
Allen C. Patterson, SIOR
John D. Peebles, SIOR, CCIM
Christopher J. Pendroy, SIOR
George J. Pofok, SIOR, CCIM
Jeremy D. Pope, SIOR, CCIM
Hoyt L. Prindle
John P. Reinhardt, SIOR
Worth Remick, SIOR
Adam D. Roth, SIOR, CCIM
Matthew O. Rotolante, SIOR, CCIM, MBA
Susan F. Ruby, SIOR
Todd V. Sanfilippo, SIOR
Keith L. Schneider, SIOR, CCIM
Charles H. Sevier, SIOR, CCIM
Barry R. Smith, SIOR, CCIM
Joseph M. Statter, SIOR, CCIM
Charles S. Swanson, Jr. SIOR
Robert W. Traband, SIOR Retired
Patrick J. Tracy, SIOR
Frank B. Tuck, SIOR, CCIM
David Valletto, SIOR
Jarret M. Venghaus, SIOR
William M Weathersby, SIOR, CCIM
Phillip W. Wegele, SIOR
Dan R. Weil, SIOR, CCIM
Howard Weinberg, SIOR
Michael W.M. Weishaar, SIOR
G. Jay Willingham, SIOR, CCIM
Yandell Wood, Jr. SIOR
J. Eugene Woods
Jeremy G. Woods, SIOR, CCIM
John C. Wright, Jr. SIOR
Ernest C. Wronka, SIOR, CCIM
Stephen W. Yndo, SIOR, CCIM

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